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PMI Columbus is the premier company for HOA's and COA’s in need of expert, seasoned, and effective property management services. Our advanced instruments and software help us to better meet all of your homeowners association needs - whether residential or condo.

We take pride in providing every service that a homeowner or condo owner association will ever need. Our specialty is managing associations. Managing a community can be a very difficult task for the board of directors. All of the community concerns and responsibilities, especially the more difficult ones, can become stressful for any association.

Rather than spending your valuable time and resources to take care of your community, why not let an experienced, local, and professional property management company do all the work for you?

We take the stress out of maintaining the community.

  • Assigned Community Manager

    He or she helps Board Members (and all members, for that matter) handle the day-to-day needs of your HOA. From paying bills and working with vendors, to the beautification of your property and maintaining compliance with governing documents, the Community Manager will help bring continuity and stability to your HOA or COA. Your association is a 24/7/365 operation and you need a managerial staff that will take care of your needs at a moment’s notice. PMI Columbus and your Community Manager are available at any time of the day to help with emergencies.
  • Customized, Patented Software

    PMI Columbus uses a customized, patented software program specific to Associations and systems that connect each office. These systems are backed up each night to ensure your digital documents and information are secure. All systems are accessible from anywhere and allow all members of the PMI Columbus staff to help any member of your community.
  • Social Structure

    In addition, our Community Managers increase the harmony of your community. We strive to build a social structure that involves everyone by dealing with misinterpretations and other matters that are bound to cause strife within an otherwise well-run community. An enjoyable, sociable community does wonders for the value of your property.

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Why hire PMI Columbus as your professional Association Management Company?



Our systems lead the property management industry in efficiency and transparency. You, the owner, are in control of your association. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you know what we are doing. Stop waiting for YOUR money and reports! Move into the future with PMI Columbus!



There is no other brand that gives as many services to renters, associations, and homeowners than PMI Columbus. Our property managers have helped numerous investment property owners find responsible tenants who always pay rent on time and take care of their property where they live. We have helped communities build a better relationship between managers and owners.

Our managers have the experience to handle transactions, complete essential contracts, and resolve conflicts between the two parties. It doesn't matter if you own or rent, PMI Columbus. will be there to help you get the most from this experience.

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