When to Hire Tenant Placement Services in Columbus, OH

When to Hire Tenant Placement Services in Columbus, OH

Your 2024 goal is to be the best landlord you can be. Reaching this goal might require outside help.

The rental industry and tenants ask a lot of landlords in Columbus, Ohio. You might not have enough time to handle every request.

Outsource some of your responsibilities to tenant placement services. Keep reading to learn when you should make the call.

Property Marketing

You should hire tenant placement services when you need property marketing. Marketing is an effective way to fill vacancies fast, but you might not be equipped to handle this task.

Prospective tenants won't know about your rental unless you advertise it. A tenant placement service can market your property to attract quality tenants within your demographics.

Effective marketing can help you retain tenants by attracting long-term renters. You won't have to fill as many vacancies the longer a renter stays.

Tenant Screening

If you aren't screening tenants, you need tenant placement in Columbus. Tenant screening is a long but necessary process to verify an applicant is who they say they are.

Someone who looks good on paper might have a history of breaking leases or evictions. Tenant screening gives you insights into:

  • Criminal history
  • Credit checks
  • Rental history
  • Employment history

Columbus tenant placement services gathers these details to find the best tenants to fill vacancies. It's a great way to mitigate the risk of bad tenants.

Property Showings

Even though Columbus real estate is booming, people aren't just going to apply to live on your property. First, they'll want to see what your rentals have to offer.

Property showings sound like a simple task, but if you don't have experience, it's best to outsource.

During the showing, tenant placement services can entice the tenants by sharing details about property features. They will be able to answer questions that prospective tenants have.

Avoid Liability Issues

If you are afraid of facing liability issues, hire tenant placement services. Landlords face compliance issues, especially during the process of finding new tenants.

You can select who you accept as a tenant, but you can't discriminate based on:

  • Sex
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Disability

The Fair Housing Act protects residents from housing discrimination. A tenant or applicant can sue you if they believe you discriminated against them.

Tenant placement services can help you avoid this liability because they have a good grasp of the law. In addition to federal laws, they know the local laws in Columbus, Ohio.

Do You Need Tenant Placement Services?

If you have rental property vacancies you want to fill with quality tenants, hire tenant placement services. These professionals will market vacancies, screen tenants, and handle tours, all while keeping you compliant with the law.

Outsourcing some of your landlord tasks can take a lot of the responsibility off your shoulders. PMI Columbus offers tenant placement services and full-service property management.

With over 20 years of local experience, we can transform your investment. Having the support of our management team can set you apart from the competition.

Contact us today to fill your vacancies and start generating more income!