Eviction Protection Plans for Your Rental Properties in Columbus, OH

Eviction Protection Plans for Your Rental Properties in Columbus, OH

According to the eviction lab, Columbus saw over 24,600 evictions in the last year.

Being a landlord in Columbus has many perks, but there are also difficulties. If you've ever had to evict a tenant, you know how stressful the entire eviction process can be. Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect yourself and your property from poor tenant behavior.

In today's post, we'll discuss eviction protection and tell you how to create a plan that helps you mitigate the risk of eviction. Read on and you'll know exactly what you need to do to prevent poor tenants and deter tenants from breaking your lease.

Understand Ohio Eviction Law

You can't enter a new tenancy without preparing for the possibility of having to evict a tenant. The best thing you can do is familiarize yourself with Ohio eviction law so that if it does happen, you know how to approach the eviction process.

In Ohio, you can evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent and breaching your lease agreement. Both types of infractions are served with a 3-day "cure" notice that gives the tenant 3 days to fix the issue or leave the premises.

Failing to abide by the notice means you can file an official eviction. Under no circumstances should you perform a self-help eviction. Disobeying the law can result in serious penalties and fines.

Screen Your Tenants

The best form of eviction protection is prevention. Tenant screening allows you to investigate your applicant's personal and financial background. A credit check will give you details on their financial history over time, while a criminal background check tells you if they have any concerning charges on their record.

You can also speak to former landlords and employers to understand the person's character. If there have ever been any behavior issues, you'll find out from their references.

Perform Inspections and Collect Security Deposits

Tenant screening will help you find a great tenant. Good tenants are far less likely to do anything that'll get them evicted. That said, you should still try to protect your property even more by collecting security deposits and inspecting the property regularly.

Security deposits are collected at the start of a tenancy and act as insurance against nonpayment of rent or property damage. If your tenant costs you money, you can collect it from the security deposit before returning the rest.

Inspections are a great way to monitor your property and your tenant's actions. When a tenant knows you might stop by for an inspection, they'll be less likely to do anything that could result in eviction.

Hire a Property Manager for Eviction Protection

These prevention and deterrence measures are important parts of any eviction protection plan. If you want to ensure your property is kept safe, hiring a good property manager will do the job.

Not only will a property manager, like PMI Columbus, help you screen tenants and perform inspections, but they'll also offer eviction protection plans. These ensure that you never have to pay out of pocket in the event you have to evict a tenant. Contact us today to learn more about how it works.